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As a result of our constant evolution, Doppler allows you to apply DomainKeys to your email.

Developed by leading companies such as Yahoo!, Cisco, Sendmail and PGP Corporation, this technology improves email safety by identifying fraudulent emails and phishing activities. In joint effort, these companies have created a new safety standard in order to protect users from fraudulent activities. The DomainKeys Identified Mail - DKIM - standard embeds signature authentication into senders' domains and has already been approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force - IETF -, the international community concerned with Internet related standards, education and policy.

How does it work?

It's simple. For example, when PayPal sends an email to a user, the company's server will automatically embed a digital signature into the original message. Now, let's suppose that the recipient owns a Yahoo Mail address: Yahoo Email Servers will be able to instantly verify that the message has been sent by PayPal by inspecting the digital signature embedded in the email. If the digital signature cannot be verified, then the email is probably spam or phishing. The DomainKeys Identified Mail - DKIM - system has both a public and a private key. The public key consists in the domain's DNS, and the private one is used to digitally sign the emails. Once the public and the private keys are verified, the email authentication is issued and, the email is then delivered to the recipient's inbox.

How to link DomainKeys to Doppler?

It's easy, go to your Control Panel and click on 'DomainKeys'. Once the registration form is completed and approved, Doppler will render some TXT registries to be pasted on your Domain Name Servers.Once the registries have been added, you will be able to activate your DomainKeys from your Control Panel. Doppler charges a one - time activation fee for this function.