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Send exactly what your Contacts are expecting to receive

Any of your Contacts are to be treated the same way, therefore, your Email Marketing Campaigns shouldn't be either. Use advanced segmentation to customize your Emails according to their interest.

Import and manage your Contacts without obstacles or delays

Do you want to import your Database into Doppler? This is the first step in your strategy. You choose how to do it!

  • Import a file with your ContactsSearch the file in your computer or drag and drop it into the app. It's never been this easier!

  • Add your Contacts manuallyDo you want to add a Contact without having to create and upload a new file? Enter each of them manually.

  • Use a Subscription FormAll Contacts registered will be automatically sent to your previously associated Doppler List.

Contact Lists for your Campaigns

Demographic characteristics

Create your Segments based on criteria such as gender, age, country, marital status, salary and more. This data allows you to send Campaigns that are 100% tailored to your Contact's needs.

Segmentation by demographic characteristics

Link Tags

Assign Labels to the Links of your Campaigns and create Segments based on those that your Contacts have clicked. With each shipment, you'll know more about their interests and increase your conversions!

Segmentation by Link Tags

Contacts activity

Identify those Contacts most interested in your business and activate those who are losing interest. Automatically monitor interactions with your Campaigns!

Segmentation by Contacts activity

Automate and in-real-time Segments

Create target audiences based on activity and shared data within your Automated Email flows to reach each one with the right message at the right time.


Create your own Segments and increase the effectiveness of your messages

Use the smart tools that Doppler offers you to personalize your Marketing Campaigns up to the most. Reach each user with the most relevant content!

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