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Achieve your goals with stunning Email Marketing Campaigns

Reach your audience with strategically designed Email Marketing Campaigns. Doppler is at your disposal and willing to take your business up to the top!

A/B Testing: See what works best and pick a winner

Test up to 2 variations for your Campaign and build a strategy that works for you and your Contacts. Increase your Open Rate and maximize your results!

  • Play and try things with your Campaign's Subject Should you include emojis or not? Try different contents or Subjects and let a percentage of your Contacts pick the winner Campaign.

  • Test your Content One or two images? One or two lines of Content? Ask your customers! Send two different versions of the Content of your Email Marketing Campaign and choose the factor that defines success.

A/B Testing

Increase your scope with Social Media

Combine the effectiveness of Email Marketing with the opportunities that Social Media has for your business and take your strategy up to a new level.

  • Auto-publish your Campaigns on Social Media Choose the Networks you want to connect with and when your Campaign is sent, it'll be published automatically, generating content for your Social Media profiles!

  • Encourage your Contacts to share your Campaigns Make your Campaigns reach new audiences by adding Social Networks share buttons and increase the reach of your Emails!

Connect Doppler with your Social Media Networks

More features specially designed to boost your Campaigns

  • Email Responsive Campaign

    Email Responsive Upload your Responsive HTML so that your Contacts visualize perfectly your Email Campaigns from any device and resolution.

  • Campaign's Preheader

    Preheader Use this short text that follows your Subject line to increase your Open Rate as you have never seen before. It'll be very useful to stand out of the crowd!

  • Campaign's Header and Footer

    Header and Footer Decide what options you'll include in your Campaigns: Forward to your Contact's friends, Removal Link, Social Media buttons or Update Contact data.

  • Campaign's Automatic Forwarding

    Automatic Forwarding Schedule the re-sending of your Campaign to those Contacts that haven't opened your Emails or that previously were rebound. You can change the Subject in the new shipment!

  • View the Campaign Online

    View Online Give access to your Contacts to an online version of your Campaign. They’ll be able to share your Campaign with someone who hasn't received it.

  • Symbols for your Email Subjects

    Symbols for your Subjects An awesome feature to try out on seasonal Campaigns and promotions! Add symbols to your Subjects and stand out from the crowd.

  • Unsubscribing link

    Unsubscribing link Give the chance to your Contacts to be removed from your Lists. Personalize the message and the confirmation page they'll see when completed the action.

  • Scheduled shipments

    Scheduled shipments Do you want to send your Campaign right away or rather schedule it for later? Your choice!

  • Campaign Test

    Campaign Test Test your Emails first by sending them to an specific contact or to a Contacts List. With Test Campaign you'll optimize your content up to the maximum.

Wanna try how Doppler boosts your Email Marketing Campaigns?

With Doppler's free account you'll be able to send as many Campaigns as you wish up to 500 Contacts, unlimited time. Increase your conversion rate as never seen before!

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