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Calculate the ROI of your Email Marketing Campaigns

How successful are your actions? With our calculator, you'll know the Return on Investment (ROI) of each Campaign. You may rate the effectiveness of your shipments in cash!

Amount of Contacts

The total number of Contacts you've sent your Campaign to.

Find out how to capture Leads using Sign-Up Forms.

Campaign’s Cost

The estimated cost of production and execution.

Open Rate

Percentage of Contacts that opened your Email.

Learn how to measure your Email Campaign's Open Rate.

Conversion Rate

Percentage of Contacts who converted with your Campaign (bought, registered, downloaded, clicked, etc.)

Want to know where you can find the Click Through Rate of your Email Campaigns?

Profits per Conversion

Split your real or estimated incomes per your Campaign's Conversions.

Your Campaign's Results

  • Cost per Contact

    How much did it cost to reach each Contact.


  • Number of Openings

    Total amount of Contacts who opened your Campaign.


  • Number of Conversions

    Total amount of Contacts who converted.


  • Revenue

    Total amount of money obtained.


  • Profit

    Total amount of money remaining after all costs have been deducted.


  • Cost per open Email

    How much did it cost each opening of your Campaigns.


  • Cost per Conversion

    How much did it cost each conversion.


  • ROI

    Return On Investment percentage.


Now it's time you start using the Marketing technique with the highest ROI!

The Return of Investment of Email Marketing is 44 USD for every dollar invested. Ready to put it into practice? Create your free Doppler account, with unlimited Campaigns up to 500 Contacts.

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