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Check the effectiveness of your sendings

Measure and analyze your Email Campaign’s results is the key to your strategy success! Doppler’s Reports can be used to obtain an understanding of the needs and behaviours of your Subscribers. Use them and make decisions based on results!

Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your Email Campaigns with our wide range of Reports

Analyze your Email Results and obtain valuable information about Open Rates, clicks, conversions, removals and much more. You can even integrate your account with Google Analytics!

Daily Opens and Clicks

Measure the effectiveness of your Email Marketing Campaigns with data on Open and Click Rates. Find out who clicked on your links, how many clicks per Subscriber and the Campaign’s total number of clicks by date.

Do you know which is the most effective day or hour to send your Email? Now you will!

If you can’t measure it, you won’t be able to know how to improve it afterwards. That’s why with this Report you’ll be closer to reach perfection. Evaluate, correct and optimize!

Links Tag

Analyze the behavior of your Subscribers and generate Segments based on that information.

Find out which of your offers are you Customers more interested in and optimize your future sendings! For example, if you sell household products you can create a tag named TVs and associate to it all the links related to that product.

Then, you’ll be able to create Segments including those Subscribers who showed interest in that product by clicking on any link associated to the tag.

The perfect match of metrics to improve your Email Marketing results.

Geolocalization Report

Get detailed tracking ranging from the exact geographical location of your Subscribers at the time your Email was opened. With this Report you’ll be able to customize your future sendings even more.

Email Clients

Discover the openings average registered from each Email client and device. With the information obtained, you’ll be able to adapt your Email Campaigns. Pay particular attention to this Report!

Links Report

Get access to valuable information about the Click Through Rate (CTR) of your Email Campaign. Find out the number of clicks per link of your Campaign and how many times each Subscriber did it.

Social Impact

Wanna know your Campaign’s performance on Social Media? Discover which was the most popular Social Network, how many shares did it get and which Subscribers shared your Email.


See in detail how many Subscribers have decided to remove themselves from your Lists depending on the Email sent, who they are and even why they did it. Don’t stop using this useful Report!

ROI Doppler


Thanks to our Calculator you’ll be able to determine the return-on-investment of an Email Campaign and dive into the details in a few minutes. Measure the overall financial success of your sending!

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