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Special Services and Advisory on Email Marketing

We can train your team

Your team will be trained by Doppler's special team of experts. We can do a personalized live training on Email Marketing. Do you prefer to do this online or maybe in person? Choose the way that better fits your needs and we’ll help you reach your goals!

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We can do the work for you

We offer you a customized price for every task you need. Campaign Optimization, Data analysis, design and html coding is some of the heavy work we can do. In addition, we can set up your DomainKeys/DKIM, dedicated IPs and more.

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You can choose one or more training modules to fulfill the needs of your business.


Our sales team will help you take the most out of each Doppler Features. They will help you optimize your Email Marketing strategy as well. Why should you do this? Because this will help you get more profits in less time, with no effort!

Marketing and Communication

Marketing and Communication professionals will be in charge of giving you all the tools you need to integrate Email Marketing with your global online strategy. Also, they will help you optimize your contents, make your Emails go viral and plan future sendings.

Design and Branding

Our excellent team of designers will be at your service to train you or your team on Email structures and design. With their awesome knowledge and assistance, you will be able to add a trade mark to the visual identity of your brand.

Email HTML

Our Email HTML development team will be in charge of showing you how to code an Email Marketing Campaign with no bugs. You will learn how to create awesome Emails that fit perfectly in all devices and Email Clients.

You can choose the options that fit your company interests and needs. We will take care of every one of your request in perfect timing and quality.

Database management

We’ll implement different actions that will get you more and better leads. You don’t know how to integrate Doppler with your database? Don't worry! We’ll do it in the blink of an eye. We will make sure you are getting the best results you can get.

Integrations and synchronization

If you need to integrate your favorite apps and tools with Doppler our technology team are here for you. They can solve every technical aspect of the Email Marketing world, because they know all about it!

Reports and metrics analysis

Our professionals will evaluate all your sendings results and they will even use valuable data about your Subscribers buying behaviour. Get to know your leads and optimize your future sendings. Further more, ask us about our custom Reports.

Marketing and Communication Strategy

We can create a marketing strategy for your business based on your budget and target. You will get an Email Marketing holiday calendar with the best seasonal dates to create promotional Emails according to your target.

Subject line and pre header optimization

Did you know that sometimes your Subjects are the key reason to determine the success or failure of your Email Marketing strategy? That’s because it’s the first contact you have with your Subscribers. We’ll take care of improving them to the most!

Creating Subscription Forms

If you don’t know how to create and design Subscription Forms we can do it for you. You will be able to generate more qualified leads to feed your Email Subscribers Lists. Don’t know which fields to include? Don’t know where to place the Form? Leave it in our hands!

Subscribers Segmentations and Optimization

Having problems with your Lists? Worry not! We’ll improve your database until it gets nice and clean. We’ll delete invalid contacts that are affecting your sendings performance and segment your Subscribers based on demographic data.

Email Design, HTML coding and sending

Want to enjoy the benefits of having our design and technology team working for your company? We’ll show you how to take the most out of our Email Templates. In addition, we can create personalized Templates just for you.

Google Analytics Integration

We’ll integrate your Doppler and Google Analytics accounts. With this connection you’ll be able to automatically track all your Email’s Links. Get ready to know and understand your Subscribers’ behaviour after they arrive to your site.

Domain Key/DKIM Setup

We’ll activate this important Email authentication system for you. What’s the point on doing this? This technology will improve your Campaigns’ security, help you identify phishing and avoid spam filters.

API Synchronization and other technical matters

Get the most out of our API, use it to integrate your Subscription Forms and your favourite apps with your Doppler account. Also, configure every technical aspect you need to ensure your sendings’ success.

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