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Email Marketing for Agencies

Use our Client Manager service for your benefit! Manage and follow up all your Clients from one single place

Doppler has helped us simplify and optimize the work in our agency. The app is user-friendly, intuitive and full of features.With the Client Manager we can now manage and monitor a vast number of customer accounts from one place. Hans Hatch, Founder & CEO at PW Agency.

Manage multiple users in less time

Through our Email Marketing service for agencies you will be able to organize and manage all your contacts from one user friendly dashboard. Access to detailed information such as Email, username, company, sent campaigns and more. Easy as cake!

By using our Client Manager you’ll get full access to all your clients. You’ll be able to create new accounts, log into every single one of them, edit them, see the profiles or even deactivate them.

Give different levels of access to your clients

Create different accounts for each one of your clients. Also, create profiles with different levels of access inside each account.

Why is this useful?

Not every user needs to know all the aspects of each sending! Different types of users need different kinds of information. Create profiles based on your clients needs.

There are even more benefits for your agency!

Customize your account with your company logo.
Pay for the sendings you make, enjoy a custom plan
Have full access to all our features.
Follow up with all your clients sendings from the same dashboard.
Access to fully detailed Reports about their Email Campaigns.
Get personalized assistance on how to manage multiple accounts.

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