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Discover all you can do with Doppler

Build customer loyalty in an easy way

Schedule a series of Emails ready to be sent when a new Subscriber completes your Subscription Form. Reach your contacts at the right time.

Welcome to your contacts with a warm greeting

Send an Email to thank your Subscribers for joining your community and use this opportunity to impact them with an awesome gift.

Increase your profits with exclusive promotions

Offer specific discounts for those contacts who have registered to your Newsletter and surprise them with prizes specially thought for them.

Remind them to save the date

Make sure the people who have registered to your trainings and conferences receive the information they need to attend to these events.

Email Automation Campaign Doppler
Anna has subscribed to receive news from you. Show her what your company has to offer!

10 a.m.


10:05 a.m.


2 días después


5 días después


Maximize your conversions with Email Automation

Send promotions every week

Automate your Email Campaigns to be sent weekly to your contacts. This frequency is perfect for those who have a business with recurring promotions.

Remind your clients about their payments dues

Start an Email Automation Campaign and stay ahead of your clients needs! Use Email as a reminder for important monthly dates.

Generate sendings for special dates

Be there for your Subscribers with personalized Email Campaigns ready to be sent on special days of the year as their birthday.

Promotional Campaign USA
Javier birthday is in 7 days. Use the power of Email Automation in this special date.

7 days before


Hey Javier! Are you all set for your bday party?

Choose a nice decor

3 days before


Hey Javier! What are you wearing for your party?

Find great outfits

The big day



We’re sending our best wishes to you, Javier.

2 days after


Hey Javier! Did you get to enjoy your party? Here’s our gift to you.


Use the discount

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