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Marketing Automation

Create Email and SMS flows that automatically trigger when certain criteria is accomplished.
Save time and improve your results!

to Email

Did a user visit your Website or E-commerce? Program an Email flow that is triggered according to the behavior of your Contacts inside your Website or Online Store. Take advantage of this powerful feature!

Email Automation for Website & E-commerce Tracking

Did a Contact click on a specific link in your Campaign? Program a second Email with related content. Didn't open your Campaign? Create a new Email with a better proposal!

Email Automation on Campaign Activity

A new Contact joined your List? Give them a warm Welcome by programming an automate Email Campaign offering an exclusive discount. You'll make a fantastic first impression!

Welcome Email Automation

Do you need your messages to be read instantly? Add SMS to your Email Automation flows. Increase your reach and your Conversion Rate! Explore our SMS costs.

SMS Campaigns Automation

Want to greet your Contacts on their birthdays? Need to remind them about the due date of the next invoice to expire? This feature is what your business needs!

Scheduled Date Automation

Do you want the Contacts of your Blog to receive all the updates? You don't need to assemble the Campaign every time, Doppler does it for you!

RSS Email Automation

Has a user left products in the cart? Don't let that happen! Send automatic Emails to encourage users to complete their purchase. This will definitely improve your Conversion Rate!

Automation of Abandoned Cart

If a user has visited a specific item on your E-commerce, he's definitely interested in making the purchase. Encourage him to buy it by configuring automatic Emails with special discounts and further information on the product he wants!

Product Retargeting Automation

Email Automation: Custom content, real connections

Use Conditions within your Email Automation flows to segment and personalize your messages according to your Contact's behavior and the information you have about them. It's easy and automatic!


On-Site tracking

This is the perfect choice if you want to know if Contacts that are within an Automation flow have visited a certain page of your Website or E-commerce.

Use this Condition, for example, to know if a user visited the purchase confirmation page after receiving a promotional Email with a special discount.

Automation On-Site tracking Condition

Campaign Activity Email Automation

Have your Contacts clicked on a specific link or in none of them? Have they even opened your Campaigns? You'll be able to consider these facts to decide how the automate Campaign will be triggered.

Email Campaign Activity Condition

Contact's information

Within an Automation flow, you can send a specific Email to a Contact that lives in Argentina and a completely different one to someone who is in Mexico.

Doppler is responsible for automatic segmentation of your Email Campaigns according to the information you have from your Contacts.

Contact's information Condition

Boost your business with Email Automation

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