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Create Email Campaigns

Send a Plain Text Message

Build your Email Campaign while previewing the final version as-you-go. The HTML code will be automatically generated!

Upload your own HTML

With Doppler you can easily upload your HTML. Just browse it or drag it to the app. What about Responsive HTML? Also supported!

Take advantage of our Templates

Don’t know about HTML? Never mind! Doppler has it’s own gallery of pre-designed and free Templates that can be visualized on any device. Choose the one that fits your needs!

Email Campaign
Social Media Email Marketing

Integrate with Social Media

Cause your Email Campaigns messages to go viral with Doppler’s awesome Social Media features! Build a new stream of potential customers and deliver your content to a wider audience. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn? Choose which social network you will integrate your Emails with!

There’s more to come! Publish your Email Campaign on Social Media automatically.

Choose the Social Networks you want to connect and in no time flat, your Email Campaign will be automatically published on them!

Run an A/B Test

Evaluate 2 versions of your Email and find out which one brings better results. Duplicate the chances of improving Open and Click Rates!

Test your Subject Lines

Can’t decide which is the best Subject for your Campaign? Keep calm! We have the perfect solution for you. Run an A/B Test, pick 2 Subjects and let your Subscribers choose the one they prefer.

Put your Content to the test

One or two images? More or less text lines?Just one Call to Action will be enough? Stop the guess work! Run an A/B Test, create two different contents and find out which one is the winner. Awesome!

AB Test Email Marketing

More useful Features you have to know

Responsive Email Doppler

Responsive Email

Upload your Responsive HTML to Doppler and let your Subscribers view your Email Marketing Campaign from any screen and resolution without losing either quality or impact. Feel free to create stunning Emails for all devices!

Pre Header Doppler


This short text that follows the Subject Line when previewing an Email is the key element to improve the Opening Rate of your Campaign. Use it to indicate the deadline of an offer or to add information.

Header and Footer Doppler

Header and Footer

Decide which options you’ll offer to your Subscribers and where you’ll place them, footer or header? You choose! Include all the buttons you need such as forward Email to a friend, unsubscribe link, RSS channel and social sharings.

Automatic Forwarding Doppler

Automatic Forwarding

Schedule an automatic forwarding of your Campaign to all the Subscribers who didn’t open your Email or have been bounced the first time you sent it. You can even change the Subject!

Online Version Doppler

Online Version

Allow all your Subscribers to access the online version of your Email Marketing Campaign through a link that could even be shared with anyone who hasn’t received the Email.

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